Ashley Greene: “Miley Cyrus is a phenomenon”

47254, BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday November 8, 2010. Ashley Greene tries to bundle up in her sweater while out and about in Beverly Hills on a windy afternoon. Greene has reportedly turned down an offer from Playboy to pose nude in the Men's magazine. Photograph: Juan Sharma,

Ashley Greene has described Miley Cyrus as a phenomenon.

Twilight actress Ashley spoke about her LOL co-star Miley’s mega-fame.

“Miley is a phenomenon — she’s accomplished so much in the movie, TV and music worlds that it’s not surprising how much attention was attracted during filming,” she said.

“But we’re both professional and understand that we’re there to do our jobs. Work was our number-one priority, and everything else was background.”

While filming LOL, both Miley and Twilight fans turned up to see the pair.