Adam Lambert tells “fans” to get a life

Adam Lambert has hit out at so-called fans, telling them to get a life.

“It’s come to my attention fans are givin’ Tommy [Ratliff] shit. Why?? He’s my friend!” Adam tweeted.

“Onstage kissing antics were ‘for your entertainment’ nothing more.”

“And “fans” please refrain from judging my personal life negatively. A few of u #needtogetoneofyourown”

“Remember it’s MY life and I thank you for tuning in. :)” Adam added.

Adam went on to tweet out meeting the “amazing” Juliette Lewis, and Miley Cyrus, who is “so fun”.

The singer later took to Twitter to address his true fans.

“To focus on the positive: I wanna thank the majority of you for your passion, loyalty and *sanity*! Trust me- I owe you guys the world.”