Justin Bieber wants to make father Jeremy a successful rapper?

You’ve heard of Justin Bieber, but what about Jeremy?

Sources say that teen sensation Justin is determined to fulfill Daddy Bieber, Jeremy’s, dreams of becoming a chart topping rapper.

Bieber Snr. apparently wants to rap about his hard life, including his time in prison when Justin was just a baby (baby, baby, ohhh), and Justin hopes he can achieve this goal by using his son’s contacts, especially Usher who gave Justin his big break.

A source told the Daily Star that the heartthrob will do anything to help his father become famous: “He wants to help him sort his life out. Justin is one of the biggest stars in the world with lots of cash and the best contacts in the business. If he can’t make his dad a star then nobody can.”

“He’ll appeal to a wide audience. With Usher on board the world is his oyster. And given how popular Justin is around the globe, his dad will surely ride his coat tails and cash in too.”

“Justin credits Jeremy with giving him his musical genes and, despite their long separation, won’t hear a word against his dad,” they continued. “Jeremy has talent and his gritty raps are from his own experiences on the other side of the law.”

Should we prepare to catch Bieber fever all over again?