Kristen Stewart to play a molester-murdering boy?

You won’t believe the role Kristen Stewart is rumoured to be taking on. reports that Kristen Stewart may be playing a transgender in movie K-11 – co-written by her mum!

This movie has apparently been on the table since 2008, however funding and casting have caused delays. The site reports that filming is supposed to start on 6th June, which could interfere with Snow White and The Huntsman if schedules aren’t altered.

Want to hear more about the plot?

“This movie is about one of Hollywood’s music magnates ending up in the K-11 unit of LA’s male prison. K-11 is a unit sanctioned for gay men and transgendered who wouldn’t be able to survive in normal lock-up. He is inducted into this strange family unit that’s full of love, but tainted with rape, drug trafficking, and abuse. Kristen Stewart is rumored to play Birdy (originally Butterfly), a 19-year-old sweet, red-headed girl (naturally a boy) who befriends the new member and takes care of him. She is flighty like her name, but very damaged. She is raped by a convicted child molester named Detroit who likes Birdy because she is little and young, and to retaliate against the abuse she murders him! In the end the K11 unit works together to overthrow the guard who sexually and verbally abuses them!”

The film is apparently full of sex, swearing and hardcore drug use!

HL also reports that the film was originally supposed to star Kristen’s Twilight co-star Nikki Reed as Kitty (originally Mousey), the sexpot, meth-addicted, abusive ringleader of K-11 who staged her own rape for money.