Lonely Robert Pattinson adopts pooch

Robert Pattinson has adopted a puppy to combat his loneliness.

R-Patz picked up the pup to escape from the lonely lifestyle of moving from hotel to hotel, as his job requires him to. The sparkling star of Twilight got the dog from a shelter, where it was due to be put down.

“I know it’s sad. A lot of actors have a bunch of people who just go up and stay with them for two months, like an entourage,” Rob said.

“But my friends, their egos are too big. They’d be like, ‘I’m not a part of your entourage. I’ll stay in a free hotel for a bit if it’s in New York or LA, but I’m not going to come out to some random town in the sticks.'”

“That’s kind of why I adopted the puppy. It’s from a shelter and he was going to be put down. I got a private plane, so he came out of the shelter and the next day he’s on a private plane. A bit like Lady And The Tramp.”

The actor joked that he would be naming the dog after himself.