Russell Brand talks about his “ordinary” marriage with Katy Perry

Russell Brand has described his marriage to Katy Perry as “ordinary”.

The pair, who married in October last year, are apparently no different to any other married couple.

“It’s nice to be married to Katy Perry but you’d be surprised how ordinary the marriage is,” he said.

“The other day I was wearing a shirt and she said, ‘Are you wearing that shirt out?’ And it was not a proper question, it was like she meant, ‘Get it off’. And I had to take it off.”

“The other day she lent my car to her brother without asking and I was going to get angry but then I thought that’s such a lovely normal problem to have; My wife lent my car to her brother,” he said.

“When I think of the problems I used to have which were much more like, ‘Russell, the police are at the door — flush the drugs down the toilet, they’ve got sniffer dogs with them!’”