Wilmer Valderrama denies rumours he’s dating Demi Lovato?

According to a report, Wilmer Valderrama ISN’T dating Demi Lovato.

The actor quashed rumours that he is dating Disney star Demi. According to E!, Wilmer was telling everyone in earshot that he’s still on the market.

“People kept asking him if he had a girlfriend and he said ‘no’ and that he’s single,” a source at Kari Feinstein’s Oscar gift suite told E! News.

Wilmer’s That ’70s Show costar Laura Prepon also towed the same unattached line, telling E!: “The last time I saw him, which was recently, he was single.”

The site also claims that Wilmer recently picked up a Kama Sutra Weekender Kit, filled with erotic items.

“The company asked him to take a picture with it, but he didn’t want to because he just signed on to do something with Disney and thought it wouldn’t look good,” a source says.