Johnny Depp: “I felt a complete freak”

Johnny Depp felt like a freak growing up.

The actor, now 47, started to feel weird at just 5-years-old.

“When I was growing up I felt a complete freak. Very strange. I felt weird at five. At the age of 12 it was me against the world,” he said.

“I remember locking myself in my bedroom and playing my guitar. It seemed like I was in there for two or three years.”

Meeting partner Vanessa 12 years ago finally made Johnny feel comfortable with who he was.

“The most important thing is that Vanessa has made me not have to pretend any more about who I am. I feel comfortable with myself,” he said.

“My life is divided in two. In the time before I met Vanessa, I was searching for something.”

“Since our time together I have found it. She keeps me calm. There were times when I was burning inside.”