Adam Lambert loves his fans

Adam Lambert made sure his fans know just how much he loves them during a recent interview.

In an interview with New Zealand’s ZM 91.0, Adam said: “I love the fans so much.”

“They are so great.” he added. “The encouragement doesn’t go unnoticed. I really, really appreciate, it.”

“And there are times when I need it, you know? I really appreciate them.”

Adam also spoke about what he gives back to his fans.

“I got a note from a fan right after Idol that lived in a pretty conservative area and her religious background is pretty conservative and she was saying, ‘you know, I didn’t understand your type of lifestyle, I was really kind of against it. And then because I was such a fan of yours, I opened my eyes a little wider and started learning a little bit more about it and now I understand it and I think that as long as it is coming from a place of love, then it’s fine.’”

“It was a really beautiful thing to hear. To hear that somebody’s mind was opened as a result of becoming aware of me as an artist and that’s a beautiful thing.”