Did Miley Cyrus’ parents getting back together make her want Liam Hemsworth back?

A report has hinted that when Miley Cyrus’ parents called off their divorce, that it made her want to get back with ex Liam Hemsworth.

Miley and Liam split last year, but have apparently decided to give it another go – just like Billy Ray and Tish.

“Miley is so thrilled at her parents reconciling, and it made her stop and think that Liam is someone special in her life,” a source said, reports ShowbizSpy.

“Their feelings for each other never stopped, and now that their schedules are better suited for each other, they have been able to work it out. Plus her parents trust Liam.”

“They started talking more at the same time Miley’s parents were mending things. They started getting back together around Valentine’s Day and are now back on as boyfriend and girlfriend.”