Ian Somerhalder: “I get to make out and bite a bunch of girls”

It sounds like Ian Somerhalder loves his job.

The sexy Vampire Diaries star appeared on MTV’s The Seven April 9 and spoke about playing Damon Salvatore.

“I get to make out and bite a bunch of girls,” Ian grinned. “But fans ask for a little biting of the neck and it’s a huge legality issue.”

“These characters are predators, they are vicious killers at heart.”

“It’s like being a drug addict by virtue of the fact that you’re fighting an urge at all times of your life.”

So what’s next for Damon?

“Damon is finally starting to realize that he’s not the biggest, baddest dude around,” Ian said. “And now he is doing the one thing he knows he has to do, which is protect his family … protect the girl that he loves.”