Jennifer Aniston wants a music career?

A report has claimed that Jennifer Aniston is hoping to become more musical.

Apparently, the actress has seen what singing has done for Gwyneth Paltrow’s career, and hopes to do the same.

“Jen saw what singing in Country Strong did for Gwyneth,” a source Now magazine.

“She performed at the Oscars and has since secured a record deal. Jen’s hoping she impresses labels with her singing, too. She wants out of movies for a while, if not for good, and starting a music career is the way to go.”

“Jen loves TV. Some of her happiest times were on Friends and she loves the security of a recurring role. She’s using back channels to see if she can get a guest part on Glee and take it from there.”

“She thinks Gwyn has the perfect life — a great career balanced with family and kids. It’s the life Jen always thought she’d have and seeing how Gwyn has done it all has inspired her to try to get it for herself.”