Nina Dobrev is a hard working lady

It sounds like Nina Dobrev is working really hard at the moment.

The Vampire Diaries actress revealed to Hollywoodlife that she hardly has time to do things like eat or feed her cat.

”I barely have time to breathe and sleep and eat properly,” Nina admitted. “I don’t have time for anything.”

“I’m barely taking care of my cat,” she confessed. “My cat has been really upset with me, because she’s like, I want to play! I want to hang out!’”

Nina also spoke about the future.

“I hope I’m not being type cast,” she said. “If anything, I’m fighting my hardest to go against every stereo type anyone has ever put me in. On that note, I have been getting [pitched] a lot of horror movies and high school characters, basically the same vibe. I’m not taking those roles, I’m trying something different.”