Vanessa Hudgens is loving single life

Vanessa Hudgens is embracing the single life at the moment.

The actress, who split from Zac Efron back in December, quashed the rumours that she is dating Josh Hutcherson.

“No,” Vanessa said when asked if she’s looking for a relationship. “I’m really happy embracing this moment. Right now I feel so happy and I have so much going on, I don’t necessarily need a guy.

“Whether I’m single or not, this is an amazing time in my life. I’m a young woman and I’m exploring who I am.”

“Love comes when you’re not looking, so I’ve decided I’m not going to look!” she said.

So what kind of guy is Vanessa looking for?

“Someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously, because I don’t!” she said of her dream guy. “A guy who makes the best out of every situation, is positive and a good dancer, because I need someone who will dance with me.”