Bradley Cooper discusses The Hangover 2

Bradley Cooper has spoken out about the sequel to The Hangover.

“We’re looking forward to what you’re watching right now, us back together again. Warner Brothers wanted to make a sequel before the first film came out. So it was planted in our mind before the first film was even released,” Bradley said.

“It’s been with us a long time, and we were hoping it would do well so they would follow through with that. But their interest started when they saw what was happening.

“Of course we couldn’t anticipate it becoming what it was, but one thing I will say that we’d sit there in Caesar’s Palace eating dinner after shooting and say “hey, this is pretty good, and this is kind of different.

“Rather than just raise the expectation bar and say we’re raising all the antes, I think there’s just some fun creative surprises and twists on people’s expectations.”