McFly’s Tom Fletcher explains meet and greet cancellation

Tom Fletcher had tweeted about the meet and greet that was cancelled in Brazil.

When news broke it didn’t take long for rumours to start flying – the “attempted hand job” rumour spread across the social networks like wildfire.

As much as we know you want it to be true, there was no mention of nether regions in Tom’s Twitter apology to fans.

“All I can say is that we are very sorry to any Pioneers who were supposed to have their meet and greet today but didn’t get it.

“There are all sorts of reasons why it went wrong. I COULD blame the people organising m&gs, I COULD blame the security at the venues, I COULD blame our management team, I COULD blame people out of our control for their lack of consideration for our ambition to do these m&gs.

“I COULD blame a lot of people BUT I wont. It is us, McFLY who are the ones that promised these things and so it is us that take the responsibility when they go wrong. But I know that you are all aware of our good intentions and everything we do is for our incredible fans.

“So, we’ve given those who needed it a bollocking and I’m assured that tomorrows m&gs will be glorious successes.” he concluded.