Matty Lewis – Zebrahead Interview

We caught up with Matty from Flecking favourites Zebrahead.

You guys have been together for a long time now. What’s the secret to a long and happy (band) life?
Alcohol, kickboxing, arm wrestling, bacon, and tickle fights… oh and Jäger.

You’ve toured with some great bands, who is the most fun?
I would say that The Swedish Bikini Team Band… they were so amazing. Either them or Reel Big Fish, they share my love of video games.

Are you guys pretty rock and roll on the road?
If you consider fighting ruthless gangs, having sex with playmates and teaching kids about the dangers of teen pregnancy, then yes. We are SO rock and roll.

What’s the first rule of touring?
Bring more than two pairs of boxers! And make sure you don’t smell up the entire bus with your rank clothes.

How do you combat the homesickness?
Teleportation, nudie mags, and naked pictures of your loved ones.

You’re stopping by the UK this summer, what do you love about being here?
Newcastle beer and Nutella – and crazy fans!

…and what do you hate?
I hate that we have to leave!

You’re playing Germany, the UK, Japan… do you guys ever rest?
I’m sleeping right now! No, we only rest when we’re on the toilet.

Tell us about the new album, Get Nice!.
Probably, could be, may be, possibly be, just might be somewhere in between awesome and shit sandwich!

What’s the meaning behind the title?
Get Nice could mean anything that is “nice” to you. Drinking, tattoos, sex, long walks on the beach…

Sell the new album to us with your best salesman-esque pitch.
Buy this album or Granny gets it!

What is next for Zebrahead?
World domination and the 2012 Olympics.

And finally, a little bird told us you guys were amused to hear that Ali Tabatabaee made the Flecking Records Sexy List. Up there in the top 10 between James Marsden and James Franco – it’s an honour, right?
Definitely an honour! But where was our drummer, Ed?!

Next year, Matty.