Brendan Brown – Wheatus Interview

Flecking’s favourite New Yorkers are coming back to the UK!

Wheatus are dropping by for a tour in September and we’re silly-excited, so we had a chat with front-man, Brendan Brown, to find out what we should expect.

Mr Brown, how’s it going?
It is going well. I’m advancing the UK Tour. It’s a tedious, spreadsheet-infused chocolategasm with almonds.

Are you excited about the UK tour?
Yes! I am super stoked to play the new records for people. This music is very challenging and we’ve rehearsed the shit-outa it, so here goes.

Who are you bringing with you for support?
MC Frontalot, Math The Band and City Stereo. You must check them all out ASAP and write stories about how they’re gonna save the Multiverse and all that.

Do you have any tricks or surprises up your sleeve for the shows?
One sort of ginormous surprise – but getting these songs right on stage is a trick all it’s own.

Are Wheatus shows a very strict affair, or do you mix up the shows and take requests?
Never play the same one twice, says I. The audience helps with that. They’re going to be calling out songs and to the extent that we can, we’ll play them. Whoooweee we have a chunky ass batch of musics this time. All albums are evenly represented in terms of time. If you have our newer records you’ll know that means some of the longest songs may indeed be in the bucket for choosing. Serious business, says I. Seeing as it’s FREE I HIGHLY recommend people head over to and download the catalog. There’s like 44 songs there, all pay what you like, you can donate or get ’em free. That way you’ll be equipped with sing-a-long skills when we’re in your face.

What is the first rule of life on the road?
The first rule of life on the road is, you don’t talk about life on the road.
The second rule of life on the road is, you don’t talk about life on the road.
The third rule of life on the road is, DO NOT LOOSE YOUR FUCKING BUS KEY!

Do you get homesick?

Name three items you always take on tour with you.
Oregano Oil – for the prevention of colds.
Lavender Oil – for the prevention of smelly shoes.
Tea Tree Deodorant – for the prevention of smelly humans.

Are you looking forward to playing any particular cities?
Aberdeen is going to kick off. Wrexham might take the cake though – and my birthday in Portsmouth – but every night is a chance to get it right sooo… hmm. The audience is gonna have to contribute to this answer.

What’s your favourite song to perform live?
It’s currently a draw between The Story Of The Eggs and Freedom Song.

Will you be playing any covers?
Exactly two, no more no less.

And finally, tell us why we should buy tickets for your tour, with your best salesman-esque pitch.
These tickets (click here) go to £11!