Cher Lloyd ignores boos & missiles at Party In The Park

Cher Lloyd - Party in the Park, Leeds
Love or hate Cher Lloyd, you can’t deny that she’s made of tough stuff.

The 18-year-old singer has faced huge amounts of criticism ever since her first audition for the X Factor last year, and even though Cher went on finish the competition in fourth place it seems people either rate her or slate her.

Cher stopped by Party In The Park in Leeds to perform her new single Swagger Jagger, and received mixed reviews.

As the young singer took to the stage, while some were cheering, quite a few boos came from all around the 70,000 strong crowd.

Not only that, but some people started throwing things at the stage. Someone even threw a lighter and our poor photographer got caught in the crossfire, with part of it landing in his hoodie.

Cher put on a cracking performance regardless, and if it bothered her she didn’t let it show.