MC Lars Interview

Warped Tour 2011 - MC Lars and Weerd Science
Photo: Rachel Clare

Fresh off the Vans Warped Tour, we had a chat with the lovely MC Lars.

MC Lars! How are you?
Great thanks! You?

We’re good! Long time no speak, what have you been up to?
I did the UK tour with Weerd Science, did Warped, dropped a mixtape and an album and am about to do a US tour with MC Chris. It’s been busy and awesome!

How was the Vans Warped Tour?
Warped Tour rocked! We put a lot of work into it but it was awesome. You can see how much fun we had in the video (below).

Which other bands did you enjoy watching the most on the tour?
Lionize and Less than Jake were my favorites because they rock so hard and are really nice guys. Set Your Goals and Yelawolf were awesome too! It was an amazing tour.

We hear you performed with Less Than Jake, that’s pretty cool!
I did! And thanks!

How was the weather this year?
It was hot but it just helped us rock harder! There’s nothing like pushing yourself to see how far you can go.

What is the first rule of survival on a big tour?
To stay hydrated and get your rest so you don’t pass out.

You must have loads of stories from this tour already.
Lots of fun dance parties and good times with friends. We had some fun days off.

Are you much of a party animal?

You album, Indie Rocket Science, is out now. Sell it to us!
Well, it’s free so I don’t need to sell it out but it’s an exciting collection of new songs about everything featuring some of my favorite rappers and friends. You can get it here.

What influenced you to give it away for free?
I’m just so proud of it that I want everyone to hear it!

You are the king of collaborations! Who was the coolest to work with?
Thanks! My favorite two artists I’ve ever worked with are KRS-One and “Weird Al” Yankovic, both amazing heroes. I love them both!

Who are you three favourite musicians of the moment?
Bob Dylan, Miles Davis and John S. Hall from King Missile.

We miss you already, when can we expect you back in the UK?
Aiming for a big support slot early next year.