OMG! Matthew Fox arrested for punching woman in the breast/pelvis?

Matthew Fox was reportedly arrested after assaulting a woman!

The 45-year-old actor was allegedly drunk and started on female bus driver, Heather Bormann, when she denied him access to a bus that had been rented by a bachelor party he was involved with in Cleveland, Ohio.

“I told him several times that he was trespassing, that it was a private party. He never said a word to me, he just stood there staring at me. He was inebriated and the smell of him was like a bar. After the third time I told him to get off my bus, he just stepped in for a right hook to my pelvis area and started wailing on me like I was a man,” she said, according to ShowbizSpy.

“I had no idea who he was at the time. I did not know until after he was in custody. I’m pressing charges. Assault is wrong, I really do feel violated. He was hitting me in places I didn’t think anybody would hit me… my breast area, my pelvis area.”

We’re struggling to believe that Matthew, AKA sexy Dr Jack Shepard from Lost, could do such a thing!