Sarah Michelle Gellar knows it isn’t easy being female and blonde

Sarah Michelle Gellar tries her hardest to fix things around – because she doesn’t want to get that look from repair men.

The actress, who lives with hubby Freddy Prinze Jnr and their kids, will only call someone out as a last resort.

“When something goes wrong I take it very seriously and I do not stop trying to fix it until it is done,” says Sarah Michelle.

“I will only call someone out as a last resort because my greatest fear in life is having to call someone, like the plumber, out and he comes and says ‘Oh, you just have to turn this thing’. It happened with the cable guy once. I tried everything I could to fix it. But he came and he gave me ‘that’ look and just said ‘It’s unplugged’.

“Being female and blonde they just give you that look like the one your parents give you when you are small. It makes you feel so stupid.”