Marvin Humes does the shopping with Rochelle Wiseman

Marvin, JLS - Party in the Park, LeedsPhoto: James Genchi / Flecking Records

Marvin Humes often goes shopping with girlfriend Rochelle Wiseman.

The JLS star revealed that people are surprised by the fact that he goes to the shops.

“Me and Rochelle [Wiseman] are popping into our local M&S all the time!” Marvin said.

“The funniest thing some people say to me is: ‘I can’t believe you do your own shopping.’

“Well, no one else is going to do it for me, are they?”

Marvin also admitted that he doesn’t do any cleaning and The Saturdays star Rochelle does his washing.

“I’m spoilt ‘cos I’ve got a cleaner now,” he reveals. “I’ve got a bit of OCD.

“Rochelle does my washing most of the time, bless her.”