Adam Lambert is adored by X Factor stars

The Glamberts are everywhere! Even on the X Factor!

Adam Lambert is one popular fella, and he’s clearly inspiring his fans to go on and do big things – particularly in the world of TV talent shows.

First of all we have the UK X Factor contestant Kitty Brucknell, who’s Facebook page says: “Diva Glam Pop. Tear it up, b***h! If Britney Spears had a baby with Adam Lambert… I’d be it.”

Now, across the pond from the US X Factor, we have Stacy Francis who tweeted Adam to let him know she was a fan.

“Did u know I am a glambert! Hahahah! Hahah I think! Its someone who loves u right?! Hahah” Stacy tweeted.

The lovely Mr Lambert sent her a lovely reply too, much to Stacy’s delight.