Did Adam Lambert act the diva at Storm Lee’s album launch?

It’s not often we see our Adam pop up in the major UK press, so when it happens we’re always delighted. Apart from today.

The Mirror are alleging that Adam Lambert acted the dick at Storm Lee’s album launch in LA.

Forgive me, you have no idea who Storm Lee is, do you? He’s that bloke with the pink hair who got voted off the X Factor 2010 rather early in the competition (week two – that’s eight weeks before Wagner, for shame!).

For now we won’t try and process why Storm had an album launch in LA – so much wrong there in our eyes, we’ll be focusing on Lambert’s alleged diva-like behaviour.

The Mirror reports that a source told them: “He rocked up late and demanded a table away from everyone else, refusing pictures and generally being a bit of a pain.

“The only time he raised a smile was when Lady Gaga’s dancers had a dance-off with some of Kylie’s.

“He seemed to take a bit of a shine to a couple of the guys.”

The writer of the article opens with: “You’re not big, you’re not clever and you’re not very famous over here, Adam Lambert.”

Is the fact that Adam is dubbed “not very famous over here” the reason behind this article? Any follower of Adam, or anyone in any country where Adam is more famous than he is here, will know that the above behaviour would be entirely out of character for Adam.

Photos of Adam at the event floating around the net show him not only smiling and looking happy, but alongside his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen.