Our Top 5 Men Who Wear Make-Up

Make-up isn’t just for chicks any more, in fact there are men out there who wear a face full of slap better than most women do.

We’re talking everything from a bit of guyliner to guyshadow, foundation, glitter – the works. So sit back and allow us to take you through our five favourite fellas who wear make-up.

In at five we have the former alter-ego of cage fighter Alex Reid – Roxanne. When Alex put on that gold leotard, long brown wig and all that make-up a transformation took place, he was no longer cage fighter Alex Reid, he was Roxanne… and to be honest, he wore make-up far better than ex-wife Katie, but don’t tell her that. Photo.

At four, we have My Chemical Romance front-man Gerard Way. Now we’re not really into the whole emo thing, but there’s something about Mr Way’s dark eyes that makes us go all funny inside. In the case of Gerard, less is certainly more, though. Photo.

Our number three slap happy celebrity is Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy fame. Like Gerard Way, it’s all about the eyes – Pete’s trademark look is heavy guyliner and nothing else, which we love. Remember that one black eye thing he did for a while, though? We weren’t really feeling that… Photo.

In at two we have Jared Leto. World famous actor, 30 Seconds To Mars front-man, blank canvas. Jared isn’t afraid to experiment with his hair and make-up, but our favourite Leto-look is probably short-ish dark hair, a bit of stubble and minimal guyliner, we think that works best. Photo.

And finally, our favourite male make-up wearer of the moment – Mr Adam Lambert. If we had to summaries our reasons in one word: glitter! There are few men on this planet who can pull off the sparkly look but for Adam, sparkly just seems right. He doesn’t look like a man smothered in glitter, he looks like the handsome, glam rockstar that he is. Check out the above video for Adam’s top make-up tips. Photo.

Disagree with our top five? Leave us a comment with yours.