Poll: Will you be buying Adam Lambert – Beg For Mercy?

Just a spot of market research to see if Adam Lambert fans will be picking up the Beg For Mercy album.

“Shortly before he achieved global superstardom Adam and Madonna’s guitarist, Monte Pittman, collaborated in the studio on a set of songs which give us an unfiltered view of an artist entering his prime,” the Amazon page for the album reads.

“That material is now commercially available for the first time as the album “Beg for Mercy.” Sometimes referred to as the “Citizen Vein Sessions,” all of the songs on “Beg for Mercy” are originals, co-written by Adam and Monte. Adam’s raw, honest vocals are perfectly supported by a superb pro team, including members of Madonna’s band.”

Sounds good, right? Well actually, Adam had no idea this music was being released, and when Adam isn’t happy, the fans aren’t happy.

“Beg For Mercy project is same as ‘Take One’. some songs I worked on 5 yrs ago and never finished. This release comes as a surprise to me…” Adam tweeted.

“It is NOT what I’m currently working on, nor does it reflect my artistic vision. Some folks will do anything to make a buck. Fuck.”

We’ve seen mixed opinions from fans – some want nothing to do with it, some want to buy it, some want to buy it but won’t…

Leave your vote below and let us know what you’re planning.

Update: Poll removed due to suspicious activity. To summaries, it’s fairly clear from the comments below that Adam’s loyal fanbase do no support the release of this album and will not be buying it.