Ewan McGregor’s Christmas shopping wish

This festive season, forget the latest iPhone, toy or gadget and give your family and friends a truly inspirational present by treating them to a UNICEF Inspired gift, which will be delivered to a vulnerable child around the world on their behalf.

UNICEF’s Inspired Gift range is unique, suitable for all budgets and easy to buy online. All the inspired gifts are real lifesaving supplies delivered to children, some living in desperate conditions around the world. They include items such as medicines, foods, water containers and education materials. Your friend or family member will receive a gift card, which tells them how their gift is making a real difference to children’s lives.

Now, with the ‘children’s famine’ affecting nearly 2 million children in Somalia alone and its impact likely to last for years to come, there is no better time to add a UNICEF Inspired Gift to this year’s Christmas shopping list.

There is a gift for every budget…
• For £13 you can purchase life-saving therapeutic milk to help a child suffering from severe malnutrition to survive another day.
• You can help five families protect themselves from malaria with mosquito nets for just £20
• For £12 you could brighten a child’s day with five story books
• For those with a slightly bigger budget, £150 will enable you to deliver an entire ‘school in a box’ to children caught up in an emergency so they get back to learning as soon as possible

UNICEF is the world’s leading children’s organisation, responding to more than 200 emergencies each year and working in every country to make sure the world’s most vulnerable children are reached. Every year, more than 8 million children die before their fifth birthday, mostly from preventable causes, that’s almost one child every four seconds. This is wrong but by purchasing one of UNICEF’s inspired gifts this Christmas, you can help to put it right.

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