CBB! Day 22: Housemate awards

Boo! Day 22, and your final daily update from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The final five housemates wake up to their last day in the Big Brother house. Michael starts the day by imitating the Big Brother voice and then joins Gareth for a work out in the gym.
Later, in the diary room, Michael tells Big Brother, “if you hear an explosion or something like a grenade, it’s probably my nuts.”

The twins show their domestic side as they spend the afternoon cleaning the living area. Michal takes a dip in the pool.

Throughout the day, the five celebrity finalists have been voting in seven categories for the winners of their Celebrity Big Brother 2012 Awards. As the awards ceremony gets in full swing, the housemates gather on the sofa to await the results.

The award for Best Hair goes to Frankie. When voting earlier, Gareth told Big Brother “Frankie’s style’s a crow’s nest on top of his head and it still looks good.” The twins tell Big Brother that “it looks like Frankie killed a possum, dragged it through the forest and glued it to his head.”

Michael announces the award for Sexiest Housemate. As he opens the envelope he says, “another fallen hero, Romeo.” When voting earlier, Denise had said that Romeo was “beautiful to look at.” Kristina and Karissa say they should have won the Sexiest Housemate award as Playmates and so collect it on Romeo’s behalf.

Frankie also wins the award for Most Irritating Housemate and Gareth laughs, shouting “and I’m glad to say I voted for you Frankie!” Gareth’s reasons for voting included Frankie’s habit of farting into a cup and wafting it around the room. The twins moan that “he always talks about w*nking.”

The award for Best Housemate is won jointly by Gareth and Natalie. Earlier in the day, the twins said that Gareth should win because he is “very considerate” and Frankie reiterated, “he’s just a good bloke.” Gareth collects his award and tells the housemates that he loves them all.

The housemates start to celebrate and Kristina starts dancing provocatively and she and Frankie joke that he should pour a glass of water over her as she dances. Frankie climbs on the sofa and does so and Kristina dances under the water with all of the housemates cheering along. Later on, Frankie goes into the bedroom and places his photograph in the middle of his bed. He puts the twins’ photographs either side of his before going back to join the party.

The housemates are preparing for bed on what is their last night in the Big Brother house. Michael and Denise are talking about their Big Brother experience and Michael admits, “it didn’t get easier, it got worse” and says that he didn’t expect the experience to be what it has been. Denise says that it has been a huge “learning curve.” The housemates all reflect on their time in the house as the lights go out for the final night.