CBB! Day 7: Andrew’s carriage awaits

All the goings on during Day 7 in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Day 7

For the past 48 hours the celebrity housemates have faced a magical task. For this weeks shopping task the Big Brother house has been transformed into a Fairytale kingdom. Following Big Brother’s call for one housemate to go to the diary room Karissa nominated herself to be Goldilocks. Now we come to the next chapter in the story…

Little Red Riding Hood (Natalie), Pinocchio (Natasha), The Three Little Bears (Denise) and Little Pig (Romeo) are chatting in the garden. They talk about Michael’s (Geppeto the Woodcarver) attitude towards tasks and Denise mimics him adding “What’ do you f**king mean I have to wear these shorts?” and the housemates laugh.

Goldilocks (Karissa) and Three Little Bears (Denise) have been called to the diary room to take part in their task. Faced with three different portions of horrid porridge, Goldilocks tastes each one. But after tasting the final one Big Brother reveals that one of the mystery ingredient is cow urine. “I will f**king kill you,” screams Goldilocks while stomping around the diary room. Denise offers to finish that bowl adding: “I’ll take the p**s like they’re taking the p**s out of us!” Goldilocks refuses to eat anymore of the porridge and therefore the pair fails their task.

Natalie and Nicola are in the bedroom gossiping about tonight’s eviction. They both agree that they would prefer that Georgia leaves instead of Andrew.

Little Pig Frankie has a pressing request for Karissa, “Can you get me Miley Cyrus’ phone number?” he asks while Michael asks him why he would want it. “She’s naughty,” Frankie smirks, “You hope” Michael retorts. Nicola and Natalie are talking about the twins. “It’s brilliant how much they love themselves,” Natalie says and mentions that the twins have pictures of themselves above their beds. They both admire the girls’ confidence but the conversation turns towards to how pretty the girls are. They agree that the girls are good looking but Natalie adds: “I’ve got friends who I think are prettier, and they’re just estate agents.”

Pinocchio (Natasha) and Geppetto (Michael) are in the diary room, facing their part of the fairy tale task. Housemates are watching them on the TV screen in the living room. Pinocchio must sniff out a lie and honest Geppetto (Michael) must spot the truth amongst all the lies. Big Brother asks if it was Romeo or Nicola that said about Georgia ‘Forget looks, she’s got nothing about her.’ In the diary room, the pair correctly pick Nicola, “Romeo would never say something like that,” Geppetto adds. In the living area, Nicola agrees that she made the statement but was not being cruel. Other statements follow and when one of them could be attributed to Georgia, Geppetto quips: “I can’t image a full sentence coming from her.” At they end of the task, Geppetto and Pinocchio separate enough fact from fiction and therefore, pass their part of the task.

Following the task, all is not well in fairyland. Some of the housemates head to the smoking area. Kirk tells them that all of the statements were taken out of context. Nicola has come to the diary room. She tells Big Brother that she is “hurt” that most of the statements were things “about me.” Nicola adds that despite this, she stands by her comments and adds the Georgia has made “no effort” to get to know her.

In the bedroom, Andrew tells Michael that he has tried to be himself while in the house. “You super get on my nerves and I super get on your nerves, it’s a love hate relationship,” Andrew says. In the garden Nicola asks Georgia for a quiet word and they go and sit by the pool. “I don’t dislike you,” Nicola explains and elaborates on the comments she made during a previous conversation she had with Kirk. “Obviously, you don’t know me,” Georgia retorts and they girls agree that they have no problem with one another.

Natasha and Michael are talking about Andrew; Michael admits that he “doesn’t “understand,” Andrew. Andrew and Romeo are in the garden. “Good or bad, there’s more footage of me than Georgia,” he states and Romeo agrees. They both agree that Nicola’s comments about Georgia were “harsh,” and Andrew says that Georgia may feel overwhelmed by all the “big personalities,” in the house.

Georgia and Kirk are in the bedroom chatting while relaxing on adjacent beds. “Do you like me?” he asks. After a while, Georgia says “yes” and Kirk tells her to stop “playing so hard to get.” Kirk asks her if she will go on a date with him when they leave the house and she tells him that she will. The pair holds hands across the beds while continuing their conversation. Kirk brings up the subject of holidays and Georgia says they could go with “Frankie and his bird.” “I just wanna take you!” Kirk replies and gets up from his bed. “Your boob’s hanging out,” he tells her.

Housemates have won 300 coins which they can collect from the treasure chest. They are gathered on the sofa to hear the results of this weeks shopping task. Big Brother has another surprise in store; when the clock strikes twelve, the twisted tale will end. A few minutes later, Andrew is evicted from the Big Brother house.
Some of the housemates had come to the diary room to comment on Andrew’s departure; “I’ll miss his foot rubs,” Michael quips and Natalie says that Andrew was “TV gold.”

It’s been 11 minutes since Andrew left the Big Brother house. Georgia is in the diary room. She says that she was “110% sure I was going.” Big Brother reveals an evil twist and tells Georgia that she must now choose two people to face eviction but if she fails to do so, all of her fellow housemates will be punished. Georgia is clearly upset then quickly decides on Nicola and Natasha. “Can I live in here?” Georgia asks before hesitantly leaving the diary room.

Natasha and Nicola are waiting outside the diary room and greet Georgia with hugs when she returns comes out. “I’m sorry,” Georgia cries. “Everyone’s cool, we understand,” Nicola tells her.

Some of the housemate are treating themselves to a celebratory drink. Michael is shaving and – given his Reservoir Dogs character – has an ironic accident; cutting his ear. Nicola has come to the diary room and tells Big Brother that she knew that Georgia would pick her to go up for eviction. “Not everyone can like you, I’ve had too many years of trying to please everyone,” she muses. “People like Georgia don’t bother me, I don’t care if a 25 year old girl doesn’t like me,” she adds.

It’s been 1 hour and 35 minutes since Andrew was evicted. Most of the housemates are buzzing in the garden. They realise that the alcohol is now finished and Denise states that this is “cruelty,” then quotes Andrew saying “Celebrities don’t get drunk in the same was as normal people!” and all of the housemates laugh. Michael and Frankie are bonding in the bedroom. “I can’t believe what happened to Georgia,” Frankie says, referring to the eviction twist. “What do you think of Natasha?” Michael asks. Frankie says that Natasha is “gorgeous,” and mentions how lovely she looks “even without make up.” Michael agrees adding: “She’s just a girl who wants to have a good time and got into a situation that was just….” “I wanna come to your garage,” Michael tells Frankie who smiles and moves about excitedly. “Do you wanna come out and have a fag?” Frankie asks Michael who says that he won’t “not if everyone is out there,” he adds.

At the smoking area, Kirk asks Frankie to get in the treasure chest. Frankie tries to squeeze himself in before deciding that the chest is too small. “I can feel cramps coming!” he shouts. In the bedroom, Denise has left a little romantic present on Michael’s bed. A short while later, Michael comes into the bedroom and smiles on finding the teddy bears sitting on his bed.

Natasha has come to the diary room; she talks about her surprise nomination and tells Big Brother that she didn’t think she would have a “good time,” in the house. Big Brother asks her if she feels that people’s perceptions of her may have changed. Natasha says perhaps and admits to being “the biggest flirt in the world.”

In the bedroom, Denise asks Michael why he spends “10 hours” in the diary room rather than with his fellow housemates, “You go in for so long,” she moans. Michael tells her that he gets called in but Denise disputes this and is clearly riled.
Now sitting on her bed, Michael tells her: “You wanna know why? You wanna know the reason? but Denise cuts him off. She raises her voice and quips: “Oh, cos I’d so not be interested. Because I’m such a horrible person!” and nudges him off her bed. Michael tries to calm her down adding: “Look honey….” “F**k you arsehole,” she interrupts adding, F*** you. F*** off!”

Michael goes into the bathroom and can be heard saying to himself: “She’s got a f**king screw loose man. Don’t go there. Don’t go there.”