Chico Slimani Interview

If there’s one person we love here at Flecking Records, it’s Chico!

We loved him on the X Factor, we loved the music he released afterwards – heck, we even loved him on Through The Keyhole. Imagine our delight when we found out Chico would be taking part in Dancing On Ice this year – even if it was at the expense of The One And Only, injured Chesney Hawkes.

We had a chat with Chico to find out how he’s getting on.

Chico! How are you?
I’m on top of the world, ecstatic in fact.

The last time we spoke, you’d just released your World Cup song! What have you been up to since?
Being a husband to a wonderful wife and a father to two beautiful children. Also, raising awarenes and money for my charity We have reached 15,000 children in 5 years, and we give 100% of the money directly to the cause.

That’s fantastic! We’re loving your performances on Dancing On Ice! How delighted were you when you got the call?
Thank you. I was thrilled but it was tinged with sadness for Chesney Hawkes, because I met him a few weeks earlier and you couldn’t wish to meet a nicer guy. He worked so hard and to fall at the final furlong must have been hard. So I am hoping to fill his skates and do them some justice.

Have you done much ice skating in the past?

How much training do you have to do during the week?
Two hours a day but the routines are at such a level you have to put in extra hours to get them right.

Have you made any new friends on the show?
Oh absolutely, it’s the Dancing On Ice family.

Who would you like to win? If you don’t…
To be honest it’s so early in the competition that has not entered my head. I am taking it a week a time, so you will have to ask me later.

We’ll do that. Give us your best salesman pitch – why should people pick up the phone and vote for Chico?
Because I am the embodiment of PMA – positive mental attitude. I am 40-years-young, and life has just begun. Chico makes you believe that you can achieve by living the example, so many people write you off, but cheer, hard work and belief get you everywhere. I say never give up on your dream, especially when others do. So dream it, believe it, work for it, achieve it. Never be measured by negative people’s measuring stick, shoot for the stars and reach new heights. Greatness lies dormant in all of us, we only have to reach within and find it. Once this secret is discovered the impossible becomes the possible, and limitations vanish as nonsensical imaginations.

Would you ever consider doing a show like Celebrity Big Brother?
Yes, why not? Because you share a house with 12 different personalities, so one learns a great deal about themselves. If you can come out a changed person then I think it would be one of the greatest achievements in one’s life.

Any plans to release any more music soon?
You never know. I have recorded two albums that people have never heard, but to be honest I want to concentrate on my kid’s TV shows, and my charity The fame is just a game, I am not enamoured with it, but I am enamoured by what it can do to give you the platform to provide for your family and make a change in this world. I live for my family, spirituality and humanity, my heart lies there, and this is where I find peace and tranquillity.

What is next for Chico?
Who knows? I am the child of the present moment, I care not for yesterday and worry not for tomorrow. Today is the best day of my life so whatever destiny holds for me, I will embrace it, and enjoy it. But most of all live it and love it.

And finally… what time is it?
It’s Chico tiiiiiiiiime!

Don’t forget, you can follow Chico on Twitter: @ChicoTime1, and be sure to tune into Dancing On Ice, ITV1, Sunday at 6:25pm.