Lady GaGa left “large amounts of blood” in hotel bath?

A report has claimed that Lady GaGa left “large amounts of blood” in the bath at a hotel suit she stayed in.

GaGa allegedly shocked staff when she checked out of London’s Intercontinental Hotel last year when they discovered a pool of blood in the bath.

One housekeeper apparently made the outrageous claim that GaGa was “bathing in blood as part of a Satanic ritual”.

“Lady GaGa left large amounts of blood in the suite during a stay this summer,” the housekeeper told Truthquake. “The incident was reported to the concierge, who was told to put it out of her mind.”

Although some reckon maybe the blood might have been part of one of the eccentric singer’s yucky outfits.

“All of the hotel’s staff are convinced she was bathing in it or, at the very least, using it as part of one of her new costumes or weird stage routines,” an insider said.