Top 20 Sexiest Male Celebrities ’12

It’s finally here – the official Flecking Records Top 20 Sexiest Male Celebrities of 2012.

Way back in November 2010, we named Ian Somerhalder our sexiest male – well what a difference a year or so makes. Sure enough Ian is on our list, but the prestigious number one spot has gone to someone else this year.

Returning to the list, we’ve got the likes of Harry Judd, Gerard Butler and Zac Efron, but you can wave goodbye to Dermot O’Leary, James Franco, Robert Pattinson, James Marsden and Taylor Lautner – you’re good guys, but not good enough.

New faces on the list include Enrique Iglesias, Joshua Jackson, Jensen Ackles and Penn Badgley.

The standard is super high this year. We spent a long time staring at photos of fellas (oh, the things we do for you guys) and we think we got our list down.

We hope you enjoy reading who our favourites are, and do feel free to post a comment letting us know your favourites. We’ll be putting our list to a public vote so that you can have your say too.

Remember, this list is our personal opinion. We all have our own taste – each to their own.

Please note, we’ve included a video example with each person on our list. We also like to obsess over characters in TV shows. If any of our sexy men star in TV shows that you are not up to date with, please exercise a little caution to avoid potential spoilers.