Brad Pitt chauffeured strippers

Brad Pitt used to work as a chauffeur to strippers.

The Hollywood mega star would drive the girls to their gigs, play their music and even catch their clothes as they took them off.

“I drove strippers, which was interesting,” he said.

“It was an odd job. There’s a place called the Job Factory where people listed odd jobs they needed for a little while and you’d go and sign up. It said, ‘Drive strippers.’ I said, ‘I got a car.’ My job was to go to the place and get the assignment, then go to the girl’s apartment, pick her up, and drive her to the party.

“You’d then be responsible for playing the music, which was cassette then. Then you had to catch the clothes so the guys wouldn’t steal them as they came off. And then you had to try to collect the money at the end and get out of there alive. It was not always easy.”