Lady GaGa: “I spend no money at all”

Lady GaGa may be making a lot of money, but she isn’t spending it.

The wacky singer says she didn’t get into the biz for the money, so she isn’t about to go crazy splashing the cash.

“I didn’t get into this business for the money so I don’t spend a thing, but I am so happy. I am not bankrupt. Actually I spend no money at all,” she said.

“It’s really funny because my manager often calls me and is like, ‘Did you lose your credit card? Did you cut it up? Did you lose it?’

“He is like, ‘Why don’t you spend any money?’ It’s because I don’t. I have not gone crazy.

“I live in the same apartment as I did six years ago and the bedroom is about the size of a small radio studio with the kitchen about four feet away.”