Matt Cardle sick of seeing One Direction in their pants

Thousands would love to be in his position, but Matt Cardle got pretty sick of seeing One Direction in their pants.

It’s easy to forget that Matt Cardle won the X Factor with the whole world going crazy for One Direction at the moment. Matt recently spoke about the hit boyband in an interview with Now’s Dan Wootton.

“Um, it’s so different what they’re doing and what I’m doing. But I’m so happy for those boys,” he says.

“Before they left for America I gatecrashed one of their rehearsals and they haven’t changed.

“They just go at 100 miles an hour.

“On X Factor tours in the past, the female winners always had their own dressing room and the male winners didn’t. So I said I’d muck in with everyone else.

“But after one show I asked for my own room because I was sick of seeing One Direction in their pants! They were jumping off the walls and bouncing off me.

“I was like: ‘F*ck me, I can’t handle this!'”