Robert Pattinson won’t take a break like Leonardo DiCaprio

Robert Pattinson will be making the most of his post-Twilight fame.

The sexy Brit actor says he won’t be taking a break like the lovely Leonardo DiCaprio did ten years ago.

“I just try to keep working,” he recently told Film3Sixty. “I remember ten years ago Leonardo DiCaprio saying he liked to be able to take a break from everything, but I don’t think he can do that anymore. I think you both need to capitalize and steer your career at the same time, especially with a thing like Twilight, where it is literally such a huge thing that has blown up. It’s like a whole system, a whole universe.”

Rob also spoke about how Twilight has helped his acting career.

“It opens doors and it closes others like anything does,” Rob said. “You can say, ‘oh if I was still unknown, then no one would judge me,’ but at the same time, nobody would give a s*** either. It’s a weird little balance.”