Zac Efron chat-up line: So do you like High School Musical?

Zac Efron has spoken about what kind of woman he wants (so take notes) and how he picks up chicks.

Asked about his ideal woman, Zac replied: “A sense of ambition and a sense of freedom, which is a careful mix. You have to balance those two. I haven’t exactly found it yet.”

And as if the 24-year-old even needs chat-up lines, but he’s got one planned anyway.

“[I ask] ‘so do you like High School Musical?” joked Zac.

“I’m kidding! If the situation’s right, buy someone a drink. Think on your toes, use what’s around you, and come up with something organic and fun.

“I know a date’s going well when it ends up going on longer than planned … and you don’t even realize it. You don’t want it to end.

“A woman called me interesting once, and it kind of blew my mind. She said, ‘You’re one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met’, and I was like, ‘Wow’. I’m still high on that one.”