WTF? Ex-publicist claims Christian Bale kept foetuses in jars

A book written by Christian Bale’s former publicist has made some interesting claims.

One of these claims by Harrison Cheung is that the sexy actor kept a strange and creepy display of animal foetuses in jars in his bedroom.

Cheung, who was Bale’s publicist for over ten years, also claims that the Batman star saw Leonardo DiCaprio as his rival.

“DiCaprio. The name burned Christian like a branding iron,” Cheung writes. “Over the years, Christian had lost This Boy’s Life and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to DiCaprio.

“Christian had read for the part of Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet but was told that they had decided to cast an African American in the part instead.

“Christian too had gone up for the part of Jack Dawson in Titanic but was told that James Cameron didn’t want two British lead actors playing the two leads who were both supposed to be American.”