Big Brother: Day 52

Day 52 in the Big Brother house…

This week housemates passed their shopping task and therefore won a luxury shopping budget of £550. Adam is anxious that the shopping list won’t be finished in time and watches over Becky and Ashleigh as they add up the list. As apple crumble is added to the list, Caroline re-enters the living room. Pointing at the list, Adam asks Caroline to name what he is pointing at. Self-assured, Caroline replies: “That’s tobacco leaves, x 5.” Adam begs Caroline to make sure that she doesn’t forget to order the tobacco. “Please don’t leave it off. Please make sure it’s on there,” he pleads. Smirking to herself, a guilty looking Caroline makes her way to the diary room.

In the diary room Caroline looks at the list and laughs: “Who spends money on garlic?” she squeals and labels her fellow housemates as “ridiculous.” Putting the list aside, she orders fifty bars of milk chocolate, thirty bars of fruit and nut chocolate, twenty bars of whole nut chocolate, and finally fifty tubs of chocolate spread. “All my favourite foods,” she shrieks, “I’m so excited!”
Caroline’s spent over £200 on chocolate and £125 on chocolate spread. She bought £80 worth of biscuits and blew the rest on peanut butter, pancakes and popcorn.

Housemates come to the diary room to discuss what they are going to miss about being in the house and how they feel about the looming eviction.

Housemates are looking forward to the shopping delivery. Ashleigh is in the shower as Caroline informs her that Luke S has said he will “protect her” when the shopping is delivered. Big Brother announces that the store room is open and Caroline begins to worry: “Get out the loo, get out the loo!” she screams at Luke S.

Adam eagerly enters the store room and becomes lost for words: “Oh my God” he shouts. Luke A and Conor join Adam in the store room. Conor giggles in the background and Luke A realises that there are no cigarettes. Caroline approaches the store room sheepishly and questions whether Big Brother has delivered enough food. Adam confronts Caroline and asks whether she put cigarettes on the list. Caroline ignores him. Adam becomes angry: “Caroline did you f***ing put cigarettes on the list!” Caroline quickly leaves the kitchen leaving Adam and Luke A in the store room. Spotting Adam’s anger Luke A tells him: “Don’t even give her the satisfaction.”

Luke S knocks on the store room door and Adam averts him: “What are you doing?” he asks Adam. Most of the housemate have gathered outside the store-room. “I’m going to waste it all,” Adam declares as he throws chocolate on the floor. Scott becomes anxious: “No don’t, we need to be able to eat something,” he exclaims. Adam continues to throw the chocolate on the floor and Luke S becomes angry: “Why are you doing that,” he asks. Adam tells him that he finds it as funny as someone not putting cigarettes on the list. Caroline is outside the store room and seems to enjoy watching Adams reaction to her prank. Caroline says to Becky: “Do you want a biscuit? I don’t think I ordered enough whole nut chocolate”.

Luke S is shocked that there is no milk: “Caroline please tell me that you ordered something substantial?” “Ummm no,” breezes Caroline.

Caroline goes to sit in the garden with Sara. Sara tells her that she doesn’t think it is fair that Caroline has got all the blame for sabotaging the shopping list. Conor enters the garden and labels Caroline’s actions as “hilarious” before joking that he thought she wanted to go on a diet. On hearing what Conor has said, Scott proclaims, “It’s so selfish!” Caroline and Conor high-five: “Why don’t they chill out and enjoy the chocolate” she quips. Back in the store room, Luke A speculates that Caroline sabotaged the shopping list in order to remain in the house and for the public to save her.

In the kitchen, Scott tells Becky sarcastically: “It’s fine if she wants to go out with a boom.” Re-entering the kitchen, Sara tells Luke A that Caroline was not alone in the prank. Luke A questions who her accomplices are but Sara refuses to tell him.

Adam is alone in the store room trying to calm down. He throws a jar of chocolate spread. Scott tells Caroline that her actions are far from amusing and she replies: “This is why we didn’t tell you.” He is angry and claims that Caroline knew that he and Becky would be safe for another week: “I hate sweet stuff, I like chocolate, but I hate sweet stuff,” he moans. Luke A breaks his silence “You think it’s funny because you think you have one up on everyone else,” he tells her. Adam enters the garden and Sara asks whether he is okay. He shouts and paces up and down the garden. Inside, housemates watch as Adam lets off steam and Luke A tells Caroline that she is “pathetic” whilst Conor tells fellow housemates that they have lived on worse food for a week. Luke A continues to scorn Caroline adding, “I gave you the benefit of the doubt – now I feel like a right d***. So selfish!” He goes outside to cool off with Adam and brands Caroline “a selfish little bitch!” then boots a plastic bottle around the garden. Deana and Sara keep out of the way and Deana is shocked that Caroline has been brought up to be so selfish.

Still reeling about Caroline’s antics, Adam comes to the diary room. Meanwhile, Scott tells Caroline that he doesn’t find her actions funny in the slightest. Conor, Becky and Caroline laugh at his reaction to the prank but Scott is shocked that she would do something so terrible to her two best friends in the house. Becky defends Caroline and agrees that it is funny; Caroline grunts that she “doesn’t care.” Scott gets annoyed even further and he says “Exactly. You don’t care. You don’t care about other people. Fine.” Conor is nodding behind Scott’s back as he continues to brand Caroline as selfish: “Of course you have done it to seem like the most amusing housemate. You think that you might be going and that’s why you did it!” In the diary room, Adam tells Big Brother that Caroline will no longer exist to him.

Luke S and Caroline are in the garden. Luke S tells her that she should have ordered more food, yet Caroline remains dismissive. Big Brother has provided Adam with some tobacco in the hatch. Luke A tells Adam that he should not give Ashleigh any cigarettes. In the kitchen Ashleigh tells Caroline and Luke S that Adam better give her a cigarette. Luke S tells her that she is entitled to a fifth of the tobacco and Ashleigh complains to Caroline that she was under the impression that she was going to order cigarettes. Caroline defends her decision: “If I’d have ordered cigarettes then I would have had to get the boys’ protein and Becky her chicken nug nugs. It would have looked like a personal attack.”

Ashleigh goes into the garden to ask Adam about the tobacco situation. The conversation becomes heated when Adam tells her that he will not be sharing any tobacco with her, and Luke A refuses to share his cigarette. She tells Adam that she didn’t know about the cigarettes: “F*** the food. But I thought we were getting cigarettes!” she screeches and labels Adam an “a*******”.” Adam remains calm adding: “You can call me names.” Ashleigh is livid and re-enters the living area, she throws a cup across the floor. “I’m going to hit the roof” she screams as fellow housemates look on in shock. She enters the diary room and angrily asks Big Brother about Adam “how dare he?”

In the garden, Deana, Adam and Luke A are talking about their future in their house. Adam says that if he stays in the house the other housemates won’t talk to him for the rest of his stay. Luke A says that he feels let down by Becky as he gave her the “benefit of the doubt” after she told him that she respected him,” earlier in the week. Learning of her part in the prank, Luke A says: “She respects me as much as she respects her bmi.” Conor and Caroline are in the living room. He tells her that what she has done is “brilliant,” Caroline grins and claims that her fellow housemates need to “chill out.” Whilst she finds her actions funny, she confides in Conor, Luke S and Becky that she is “sorry” that she has caused drama and that she didn’t mean to upset anyone. Speculating that she will leave the house on eviction night, Caroline wonders whether she will exit the house to Luke A and Adams’ families. Becky asks her why she thinks that she will be leaving on Friday.

In the living area, Adam is splitting the tobacco up into piles following his conversation with Deana. The room is silent until Ashleigh says: “Thank You.” Adam exits the living area and enters the garden in silence.
Scott is in the bath talking to Becky. Realising that housemates will be without fake tan, he claims that he has gone off fake-tan.
Deana tells Adam and Luke A that they will get revenge when they leave the Big Brother house because viewers will see what they are like in the house and they will stay longer. “People that are doing things like this are always the first ones to leave,” she adds. Deana continues to tell Adam that he will look like a “better person” and Adam is bewildered: “I’ve never been rewarded,” he says. Deana says that those guilty of the shopping list will “pay for it”

It has dawned on Ashleigh that this could be her last night in the house with Luke S. Kissing him, Ashleigh exclaims “Oh f**k,” and mentions that she has a cold sore. Luke S asks whether he can catch it and becomes irritable. Outside in the garden, Luke A asks Adam whether he is excited about the looming eviction. “Not really” Adam says. Questioning whether being themselves is good enough to be saved, Adam tells Luke A that despite one having desire, that desire is not enough: “Ultimately it’s not up to us,” he says. Luke A claims that they have been genuine from the start and says that doesn’t mind getting booed for being himself. Adam says he is less concerned about how he will be received on his exit and is more concerned about leaving the Big Brother house.

Caroline has come to the diary room and labels her fellow housemates as “spoilt” because they have not appreciated her “blessing” of unlimited chocolate. Confident that she will be leaving on eviction night, Caroline says that she is happy that she won’t have to make conversation with Adam and Luke A again. “I’m certain I’m leaving,” she declares, “I don’t think I’m very likeable. The public will think I’m a spoilt, immature and horrendous person.” She claims that she is happy to have accomplished a life-long dream of spending £550 on chocolate.