Big Brother task: A bit of a mouthful!

For today’s task housemates will be getting stuffed.

One at a time each housemate will be called to the diary room where they will be told to answer a series of questions. Before they answer each question they will have to place a marshmallow in their mouth. The housemate who manages to fit the most amount of marshmallows into their mouth without spitting or swallowing will receive a very sweet jar of marshmallows as a reward.

So how did they do? Read on if you want to find out, or tune into the show tomorrow (Saturday) at 9:10pm.

The results were:

1st Place – Luke S – 24 marshmallows

Conor – 22 marshmallows

Sara – 21 marshmallows

Luke A – 18 marshmallows

Becky – 17 marshmallows

Deana – 16 marshmallows

Adam – 15 marshmallows

Lauren – 14 marshmallows

Ashleigh & Scott – 10 marshmallows

Caroline – 9 v