Big Brother: Day 57 – The White Room

Day 57 in the Big Brother house…

Housemates are blissfully sleeping unaware that the White Room is waiting for them. Over the next few days, three housemates will be confined to the White Room. They will wear white clothes, eat white foods and compete in a series of challenges. The last housemate standing will win a guaranteed place in the final.

Luke A and Deana are in a reflective mood. Luke A is questioning whether people are in genuine in the house. They refer to their time in their house as ‘a fight for survival’.

Scott is wondering about how he is being perceived by the public. ‘I bet they hate me.’ Ashleigh tells him not to worry.

An emotional Becky comes to the diary room still reeling about what Luke A had said about her BMI. She tells Big Brother, ‘I didn’t come in here to make best friends. I couldn’t think of anything worse than spending another week with people like Luke A.’ She brands him as devious and doesn’t want to be friends with him. ‘When I’m at home watching that final I’m going to be voting to get him out.’


Some of the housemates are discussing cultural differences. Sara is shocked that McDonalds do not sell Iron-Bru.

In the bedroom, Luke S is consoling an emotional Becky who is telling him that she wants to go home. On walking into the bedroom, Conor jokes with Becky and says, ‘Are you crying again? Stop being a d*ck!’ Becky tells him to shut up!

Luke A comes to the diary room and claims that his stomach ‘is in knots’. He tells Big Brother that he is questioning whether he is a nasty person. The chef is upset and hurt that people think he has a game plan in the house. ‘Even with Luke S, I thought we were making progress. It’s now back to me feeling like sh*t and people feeling like sh*t because of me. It f**king hurts.’


Becky and Scott are sharing some chocolate in the bathroom. Becky begins to playfully throw chocolate into the bath.

Deana asks Luke A and Adam whether she looks fat in what she is wearing. Adam explains, ‘You have a stomach.’ She replies, ‘I’m talking to you like you are girls again aren’t I?!’

In the bedroom, Ashleigh asks Luke S to make her some pasta. Luke S declines her request, ‘I’m not your slave.’ Ashleigh says, ‘You always make me look like a bad person.’ Luke S tells Ashleigh that she never makes him food when she cooks for herself, ‘You are a lazy bitch sometimes.’ In response to Luke S, Ashleigh brands him a ‘horrible person’ and continues to plead with him to make her some pasta. He tells her to shut up! Conor begins to laugh as Ashleigh and Luke S compete by comparing which of them has done more for the other person.


Conor is in the garden and is intrigued by the new white corridor that has been assembled.

Deana and Luke A are talking about lessons they have learnt in the house. Deana says she is disappointed in some of her behaviour and thought she would have been stronger. Luke A agrees, ‘It’s a topsy turvy world in the Big Brother house…’

Luke S and Adam are in the living area talking about the different groups within the house. Luke S tells Adam that originally he was not friends with the smokers until he and Ashleigh got together. In addition, Luke S brings up Adams’ group calling them soldiers and believes he doesn’t think it’s a joke. He adds that if Luke A had a problem with him he needs to say it to his face.


Since this morning, housemates have been speculating about the new white corridor in the garden. Ashleigh thinks it could be to do with maintenance and doesn’t think there will be a task, Luke A says, ‘That could be heaven through the white door and this could be hell.’

Housemates are gathered on the sofas and told about the White Room task. Scott, Sara, Conor and Luke S – the housemates who received the fewest nominations this week – must decide which three of them will enter the White Room and be eligible to take part in the special task. The housemate who wins the task will receive a money-can’t-buy prize. ‘I’m not that bothered,’ Scott tells fellow housemates and continues, ‘I don’t like tasks.’ He goes onto speculate that the task will be something to do with immunity and decides not to take part.

Housemates are gathered on the sofas in the diary room to watch Sara, Conor and Luke S enter the White Room. On entering the White Room Sara says, ‘I really don’t like this. I’m getting all sweaty.’ Conor is amazed, ‘Oh my god, what the f**k!’ Sara says she doesn’t like it.

In the White Room, the three housemates are told that they can compete for and win a pass to the final. Watching the housemates in the White Room on a plasma screen, Scott immediately mutters, ‘Oh Sara doesn’t want that.’ His predictions are correct, as on hearing this twist, Sara says, ‘Oh f**k.’


In the main house, Luke A whispers, ‘I think it will be tough between Luke S and Conor.’ Whilst Scott agrees, Becky walks away and continues to talk over Luke A. Luke A tells Adam that he is in agreement with Sara and would like to get to the final legitimately. Adam agrees.

Meanwhile in the White Room, Sara is voicing her distaste, ‘I don’t like it, it will drive me insane.’ Conor says he’s glad he’s in there and has to do it.

Back inside the main house, Ashleigh, Becky, Scott and Deana realise that if evicted on Friday, Ashleigh may not see Luke S before she leaves. ‘He wouldn’t sacrifice himself for me in this house.’ She tells fellow housemates and continues to tell them that she doesn’t love him.

In the White Room, Sara is saying that she is going to want to leave. Conor tells Sara that he will remain in the White Room no matter what because he wants to stay for the people that have saved him from eviction over prior weeks. Sara laughs, ‘It’s going to be tough!’


Today, housemates will face a series of challenges to win a luxury shopping budget. They are competing against the housemates in the White Room, and if the White Room housemates win then they will earn special rewards whilst the normal housemates will only receive an economy budget.

For the first challenge, Adam and Sara face each other in a memory task where they will see a pattern on the TV screen relating to a grid of cups in front of them. They must smash all of the white cups, whilst avoiding those cups with paint underneath them. Adam incurs 9 fails, whilst Sara only incurs 6, meaning she is the winner, putting the White Room at 1-0 up.


In the White Room, Sara, Conor and Luke S have been granted fresh air time in the White Room corridor in the garden. Sara asks Luke S whether he is missing Ashleigh, he replies not yet. Continuing to probe a vague Luke S, Sara asks him whether on exiting the house, the pair will look for a flat together. Luke S replies, ‘We’ll sort something out; I think we’ll have to commute first.’

In the main house, Ashleigh is talking to Big Brother about Luke S being in the White Room. ‘It is so quiet without him. I’m missing him a little bit.’ She adds that she misses cuddling and talking to him, as well as their banter.


In the bedroom, Adam asks Scott whether men should wear make-up. Scott says that they should be able to if they want to as tribal groups have always worn make-up. Ashleigh states that Luke S wears concealer.

In the White Room Sara, Luke S and Conor are talking about who they think will be in the final. Conor thinks Sara and Luke S will be in the final, ‘I’ll be f**ked every week as not everybody likes me…You two will make it to the final, I sense these feelings.’


For the next challenge, Big Brother will ask a series of questions relating to answers given by housemates on the Big Brother application form. Conor represents the White Room, while Ashleigh answers for the house. Housemates laugh at Luke S for saying on his form that ‘guys want to be me, girls want to be with me’. It is revealed that Sara said her party trick is stripping, and all housemates, including Sara herself, are surprised. Ashleigh correctly guesses that it was Adam who likened himself to a white tiger, being ‘sexy and a beast’, winning the quiz for the house. This brings the score to 1-1 between the house and the White Room.


Conor, Luke S and Sara are pillow fighting in the White Room.

In the bedroom, housemates are trying to understand some of the responses to some of the responses they heard in the task. Ashleigh remarks, ‘Oh Luke (S), the cheese!’ Becky says it’s not even cheesy it’s cocky. The Essex girl thinks she wears the boots in their relationship. Adam agrees. The conversation moves onto Sara. Luke A says that he heard Sara say that she’s against stripping; Scott adds that it is not in-line with her personality. Becky says, ‘Some people bulls*t on their application forms.’ Ashleigh laughs, ‘I put down the f**king Mexican wave!’


The White Room housemates are speculating what white foods will arrive. Sara thinks, ‘We’ll just get rice and for breakfast just yoghurt.’

Deana is opening up to her fellow housemates, ‘I don’t even think half of my personality has come out in here.’ Becky asks what the other half is. ‘I’m the loudest with of my friends in the outside world. You say sometimes ‘that’s absolutely ridiculous’ about something I’ve said which is belittling. If someone spoke to me on the outside world I would go crazy.’


For the final challenge, housemates must fill a tube with milk as quickly as possible whilst wearing a restrictive suit. It’s Deana Vs Luke S; with the scores tied it’s everything to play for.

Luke S wins! Meaning the White Room have won two – one and will receive special rewards later; the main house will not win a luxury shopping budget.


White room housemates are getting physical. Luke S said he’ll try and give Sara a back massage if she gives him a foot massage. Conor shouts, ‘Ashleigh, Luke(S) is giving Sara a massage!’ Luke S says he doesn’t know what he’s doing however Sara remarks that he’s better than Conor.

The other housemates are in the bedroom; Deana asks Adam, ‘If I were to order just chicken and broccoli would you fall out with me?’ He shouts, ‘F**k yeah! You would be just like Caroline.’ Ashleigh gets involved and the two females start to bicker.


All housemates have been gathered for Big Brother to reveal the results of this week’s shopping task. Luke S remarks, ‘They didn’t beat me in that agility one!’ The results reveal that the White Room housemates win the task.


As a reward for winning the task, the White Room housemates enjoy a fish pie and ice cream and marshmallows. They are over the moon! Conor shouts, ‘Please be more!’ Luke S thinks it’s great. The trio high five.

Luke A, Deana and Adam are talking about the responses to the application form question from the task. The chef thinks, ‘You do try and be a bit more out there on the form.’ Deana says you wouldn’t go completely against what you think. Adam wouldn’t rule out that Sara would strip. Luke A concludes, ‘I’d love to be there when she pulls out that party trick!’

Ashleigh and Becky are talking about Deana. Ashleigh quips, ‘Horrible piece of work, nasty person.’ Becky adds, ‘Everything she says makes me want to vomit! She’s very devious.’ The Essex girl adds, ‘She’s too much for me, I can’t take her, I would be mortified if she didn’t go on Friday.’

Luke A recites, ‘Men want to be me, women want to be with me! Guys can’t you see how we’re bitchy?!’ Him and his two friends laugh.


In the White Room, Conor and Luke S are feeling mischievous and jump out at Sara as she leaves the bathroom.

Adam is giving Deana a head massage on the sofas. Luke A says he will give his Mrs a full body massage when he gets out.

Before going to sleep, Ashleigh kisses a photo of Luke S. Scott quips, ‘Oh Ashleigh, that’s too cringe!’ She replies, ‘I miss him…I miss his sweaty back and cheesy face!’