Interview: What Inspired Claire Jane

Photo: Emma Cohan

Being a Def Leppard fan for over 30 years, and being awestruck by singer Joe Elliott’s presence on stage, little did I know that I would be sitting down with the lady responsible for his on-stage style for the past three years. That lady is Claire Jane Vranian, and is someone you will absolutely want to know!

What inspired Claire Jane?
I worked several years in the special make-up and effects Industry in Hollywood. There I was surrounded by every genre of artistic creativity. Painters, sculptors, designers and even the actors influenced my life each and every day. Being enriched by this, I learned not only to begin my own business, but how to create and inspire women and men alike through my designs. When wearing an ‘ICJUK’ design, I want you to feel confident and enjoy the feel of the inspiration. I designed and made my first handbag for myself in 2009 and received such an overwhelming response, I started creating custom orders for family and friends. Def Leppard lead singer, Joe Elliott’s wife, requested one of my handbag creations. Joe then asked me if I would design him a t-shirt to wear on stage. He came to Las Vegas to do a guest appearance with Cheap Trick for their Sgt. Pepper tribute shows. Joe debuted the first ‘ICJUK’ tee that night. That really inspired me to create my first tee shirt design and it just took off there!

Photo: Chris Vranian

Other than being from the UK, how did you come about choosing the Union Jack design for your shirts and how did you arrive at the theme for your purses? Your hair pieces are outstanding. Do you foresee those trending in the US?
Growing up in England I was influenced by so many different things, traveling, theatre, films and, of course, music. The Royal Wedding was very high fashion and formal and that also inspired me to create more of my hair fascinators, I think it’s imbedded in my British culture. My hairpieces are a great outlet for me to really divulge my dramatic theatrical side. Making those was just part of my creative process after making a handbag, it just happened. I feel if you are going to wear one, make it count and make a statement! Hats and fascinators have been a very important British fashion statement since the time of Henry VIII. The media coverage of the Royal wedding brought this British tradition front and center to audiences around the world who have embraced it, so trending in the US?

Trending the hair fascinators? I think would be wonderful and why not start with yours! You have been hailed as clothing “Rock ‘n’ Roll Royalty”. Other than Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, who are some of the others you have adorned with your collection of rock tees and scarves?
I will mention a few wonderful rockers such as Drummer, Jason Bonham, Bill Leverty of Firehouse, Joe Bonamassa, Guitarist/Singer; Carmine Rojas, Bass Guitarist/Composer/Director; Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple; Phil Soussan, Bass Guitarist/Producer; and Emma Anzai and Mark Goodwin of Sick Puppies. To see more, please visit my website and click on celebrities!

We thank Claire Jane for taking time to chat with us and we promised to check back with her in a few weeks for more of her story and some new creations!

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Photos: Ash Newell