OMG! Are Busted getting back together? (No!)

Oh my gaaaaaad! Are Busted getting back together? The answer is no. Again. As always.

These rumours pop up from time to time, and as much as we hate shooting them down… BANG.

Tonight’s rumour – which lead to Busted hitting the trending topics on Twitter – started when someone tweeted saying that Charlie Simpson had revealed he would be reuniting with Matt Willis and James Bourne to work on new material, or “old school shit” as the quote stated.

Even if we pretend Charlie is tool-ish enough to say “old school shit” there is no way anyone truly believed that, did they?

Need persuading? Fine. You can pick from two new arguments.

1. James replied to the original tweet with, “omg that is so exciting ! can’t wait :-)”. Not only that, but he is constantly saying how well the three of them are doing and how busy they are.

2. Charlie very recently replied to someone on Twitter who said the B word to him. When Charlie tweeted about a big announcement he was about to make, a fan replied saying, “If it’s not a Busted reunion tour I’m not bothered.” Charlie’s reply? “Well then you’re not going to be bothered.”

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