A friend told Dougie Poynter he had a brain tumour

Someone – not a doctor – told Dougie Poynter he had a brain tumour…

… but then an actual doctor put his mind at rest.

The McFly bassist started to worry when he had a bad migraine, and a pal suggested it might be a tumour.

Dougie told The Sun: “One guy said it was a tumour but the doctor told me you don’t get headaches from tumours.

“I think it’s because I’ve got a really small head and my brain is getting bigger because I’m just far too intelligent.”

Cheeky bandmate Tom Fletcher joked: “I think it’s the opposite – it’s because your brain’s so small, it’s just rattling around in there.”

Dougie soldiered on for his band’s session in The Sun Studio though, by taking painkillers.

“I’ve been supressing it with Nurofen,” Dougie said.

“I woke up the other morning, took some tablets and then threw them up 10 minutes later. Then I started to panic: ‘Oh f***, it’s a tumour.’”