Celebrity Big Brother: Day 16

Day 16 in the Celebrity Big Brother house…


Its eviction tonight, any one of the housemates could be the fourth housemate to leave the Big Brother house.

The housemates start to wakeup, finally harmony has swept through the house. Frankie greets Razor, “Morning sausage.” He replies, “Morning sweet cheeks.”

From the sofas, Tricia remarks about the house, “Its dead cosy here.”

Frankie asks Gillian will she cry today. The soap star replies, “Yes, win or lose I’ll be crying. I’ve been more nervous than other times.”


Gillian, Ryan and Tricia are working out.

In the bedroom, Claire and Rylan are talking about the impending eviction. Claire comments, “I think I’ll feel alright if I go tonight. I mean I would like to stay to the end and I would stay to the end. God, if I had the choice I would stay until next Friday,” Rylan adds, “Once it’s over these walls have gone.”

Heidi walks into the bedroom. Rylan quizzes her about her natural hair colour. Heidi says it’s light brown, when she was younger it was blonde. Rylan goes onto asks if people follow her around back home. She replies, “Wherever we go people take photos or tweet about us.” Rylan explains that when he went shopping to a shopping outlet before Christmas he was swamped by fans. “I arrived at 10am and left at quarter to seven at night and had only done four shops. There was a queue outside, security had to help. I’m grateful for it but I just needed to get a couple of tops. We’ve sold our f**king souls.”


Housemates are lounging around the House in their pyjamas and dressing gowns but Big Brother’s not impressed. Big Brother reminds housemates again that celebrities should dress like celebrities, and if housemates fail to comply the hot water in the house will be turned off.

Claire quips, “I’m going in the bath now Big Brother!” Rylan shrieks, “Alright! Gods sake!”

Heidi tells Spencer that she is ‘so shocked’ that people stay in their pyjamas or bathrobes and that she ‘sprints to the bathroom’ in the mornings to dress. “I would not like to be on camera without preparation.”

In the diary room, Heidi who is dressed in a pink top and black trousers asks Big Brother if her outfit is OK as she hasn’t worn pyjamas for ‘one day’. Big Brother says she looks lovely. Big Brother reminds her that if all housemates do not comply with this then hot water will be turned off at Big Brothers discretion. She said that she will go and tell everyone.

Heidi exits and the diary room and tells Spencer, “Big Brother said I looked lovely.”


Heidi is sweeping up.

In the bathroom, Razor discovers that the hot water has been turned off. Claire is in the bath tests the hot water tap. Dressed in swimwear, Tricia, Gillian, Claire, Ryan and Rylan decide to get into the outside hot tub. Tricia remarks, “This is so nice! It’s romantic!”

Razor tells Heidi that the hot water has been turned off. Heidi remarks, “I’m glad I showered this morning, you never know what will go on in this house.”

Claire, Rylan, Tricia and Gillian then decide to get into the bath that Claire had run before the hot water was turned off. The four run from the garden one by one, and squeeze into the bath. Rylan jokes, “When I was eight years old on a Sunday night, I would never of thought that Gina from Heartbeat, Claire from Steps, Kathy Beale would all be in a bath together.” They laugh.


For today’s Keep Your Head Up task, Heidi and Spencer are called to the diary room where they are told they are team captains in the battle of the sexes. They will be watching the housemates who have only their heads visible above a black cover, from the diary room as they choose various torments for the opposing team to suffer. Heidi shouts, “Spencer’s going down!” Her husband replies, “Heidi’s gonna looooooose!”

Each time a housemate flinches whilst suffering their torment, they will incur one fail for their team; and the team with the fewest fails will win.

Heidi goes first and chooses the tarantula as the first torment. The couple looks on in shock. Frankie flinches, meaning Spencer’s team incur a fail.

Spencer is next to pick, he chooses the hairdresser where it looks like the girls’ hair are being cut off. The girls did not flinch. Heidi quips, “These women are so tough”! The women continue to keep still.

A fishmonger tries to make the boys flinch by swiping them across the face with a large fish. This resulted in two fails for the boys’ team. “That bloke was well fit!” jokes Rylan.

The boys continue to flinch and incur fails. The torment of weather on the girls resulted in three fails for the girls.

Spencer goes onto pick the rollercoaster torment which sees a ‘vomit’ mixture dumped on each of the girls’ heads. The girls braced themselves and shut their eyes; they do not flinch. “Are these women from the Special Forces?!” questions Spencer.

Heidi’s choice of a seagull ‘pooping’ on the boys’ heads costs Spencer’s team one fail. The last torment from the hit list sees a Dentist’s drill up in the girls’ faces, they do not flinch.

Big Brother reveals that the girls won the task with 5 fails and the boys lost with 10 fails. Heidi cheers! Big Brother will now turn the hot water on and will reward the girls with a pamper hamper. Spencer smiles, “Those men don’t deserve hot water! Those girls are no joke!”


As tonight’s eviction looms, all of the housemates are preparing to face the public vote. Ryan is in the diary room, “To stay tonight would give me another chance to have some more fun in here!”

Rylan tells Big Brother, “I’m nervous to go out. It’s just that frightening feeling that it could all go. You can’t just come back here. Never ever be here again.”

Claire thinks, “I would like to stay to the end to have the experience that I stuck out the whole three weeks, it’s something to be proud of.”

Razor tells Big Brother, “It’s been good, come so far. I want to be part of the final great day.” Speidi think that they will leave tonight, more than ever before.

In the diary room, Frankie tells, “I feel like its perhaps coming to an end, a bit of sadness. I’ve tried to be myself; and I hope people have enjoyed it.”

Heidi tells Big Brother, “We’ve been here a lot longer than I thought, and been saved twice which has been such an honour, thank you for everything. And the experience, regardless what happens, I feel we’ve won.” Spencer agrees.

Gillian explains to Big Brother, “I feel nervous about it all. I can’t walk in these shoes!” Tricia tells Big Brother that she is nervous and wants to stay to the final.

The housemates enjoy their dinner. Spencer tells the housemates that he didn’t think this part (the eviction) would affect him.

Brian Dowling speaks to the house and reveals that Gillian is the fourth housemate to be evicted. All housemates look extremely stunned. Gillian says her goodbyes.

Tricia, Claire and Rylan explain how shocked they feel.


The housemates are letting off steam after tonight’s eviction; they all dance to the music that is being played into the house. Heidi seductively is dancing up against her husband Spencer while he drinks a bottle of beer. Frankie remarks, “She got the moves!”

Tricia goes to talk to Big Brother. “I am amazed to still be here. I’m amazed that Speidi are still here over Gillian. I can’t believe. I don’t get why they are still here over Gillian. I am going to struggle without Gillian here. I’m Billy No Mates now…I will miss her.”

Heidi continues to dancing seductively; Rylan dances on the living area table.


Housemates are on the sofas. Big Brother provides them with a game to play. They must take it in turn to select a topic provided by Big Brother, and debate for or against it. Razor is the first housemate to draw a topic, ‘fame never brings happiness’. Tricia quips, “It pays your bl**dy paycheck!” Razor debates, “I love being famous. That’s why on Easy Jet I get 1A, I don’t have to queue! Fame has made me and my family and my close friends the most happiness people in the world.” Frankie adds, “Unfortunately I agree with Razor! You start as a kid, as a normal person and you want to do good and want to be famous.”

Rylan comments, “I’m the person who has got this the newest if you like. For me personally, I think fame has brought me great happiness but at the same time my greatest sadness. Personally for me, I think the lowest point of my life was when I just become famous as I was hated, as it was so new for me that was the worse part of my life. On the flip side this show has been a dream of mine, without being that hated character I wouldn’t have been able to come in this house and have one of the most amazing times of my life.”

Heidi adds, “Sometimes I wish I was never famous. It can be really hard and damaging; it takes away your freedom for the rest of your life. I feel like kinda my life has been taken away from me and it’s sometimes a really hard thing to deal with. I would trade all the money I have sometimes just not to be famous anymore.”

It’s Speidi’s turn to pick a hot topic; they randomly pick ‘America is the greatest country on Earth’. The couple cheers! Heidi says, “God bless America. America is the land of the free. The American dream can happen. You can come from nothing, as I have, and become what I’ve become has been a blessing. The greatest place on Earth; and you have so many rights, and freedoms, and protection.” Razor interrupts, “Alright, come on come on!”

Heidi continues, “I would say that it’s a land of opportunity, a land that believes in rights to bear arms, absolutely, protect yourself because that it’s one of the proudest things as an American woman where there’s so much crime I can protect myself and feel safe when I’m home alone without Spencer. If I had children or a family that I could protect them on my own, I think that’s one of the greatest rights of our country that we have fought for and very proud to have.” Spencer nods.

Razor then stands up and debates, “I love America and American people, that is why they are the second best country in the world!” Housemates cheer! He continues, “We are the best country in the world. I agree with protecting your own property but there are too many people in America with guns without permits and too many innocent people being killed in America that’s why that is just slightly behind us.”

Heidi remarks, “I get death threats all the time, from psychos, so if I didn’t have them I wouldn’t feel comfortable.”

Claire adds, “I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable having a gun in my house with children around…something that powerful I would feel scared.!” Housemates laugh, except for Speidi who just sit there.


Housemates have been debating for the past 40 minutes. Tricia is up next and picks the topic ‘children need a mummy and a daddy’. “I can’t speak, getting upset. I feel guilty. I feel really bad. They need to be looked after and guided in the right direction. Loved and cared for, protect them. That’s it. I can’t speak…fancy me getting that one.” She sits down in tears

Rylan comments, “I feel yes, children do need a mummy and a daddy but not necessarily a man and a woman just as a mummy and a daddy. I didn’t have my dad growing up; just my mum and my nan, and they raised me I think amazingly. When I grow up I want to have kids, but I believe as a gay man as well, I will be with a man, so my child or children will have two daddies. Children are a gift; if I had kids I know I would love them more than anything I’ve loved in the world. Just because I’m with a man doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to have them.” Housemates clap.

It’s Frankie’s turn; he chooses ‘reality stars set a bad example’. The jockey says, “Are we reality stars?” Housemates say yes! He continues, “I think, yes, to become famous they haven’t been themselves, centre of attention. I think it’s definitely a bad example being a reality star.”

Rylan adds, “I’ve made my money and making a career on reality TV, but the difference is I’m being myself. I know yous weren’t (Speidi), yous were playing a role but for personally I’m very very flattered that I’m making a career for myself from just being myself and I think it’s a good testament to my mum and my family, for the way that they raised me, people are interested in what I’m doing and saying.” Heidi remarks ‘amen’.

Spencer comments, “Reality stars such as myself set a bad example, where if you’re mean and dramatic, and create problems. There are reality shows that are uplifting.” Frankie butts in, “In general most of the reality shows are fabricated, are plastic…they are not the real life.”

Spencer continues, “I’m the bad example, my wife isn’t, she’s just bad cos she’s with me. I’m portraying that bad example, I’m not being real.”

Rylan points out, “Reality shows are the most watched shows in the whole world, cos people like seeing reality whether fabricated or true to life.”

The housemates agree that reality stars don’t generally set a bad example. Spencer adds, “I am the exception to the rule. In America reality stars no longer set a bad example.”

Claire remarks, “What we need to ask yourselves, ‘are we setting a bad example’? Cos this is a reality show!” Razor says that they are celebrities, and have already made it.

Spencer concludes, “All of you have shown me positive examples. I’ve learnt more from most of you, than I have from some scripted television shows.” Heidi quips, “Amen.”


Ryan and Razor are enjoying a late night hot tub.

Claire and Tricia are in the toilet. Tricia can’t believe that Gillian has gone and that “those two” [Heidi & Spencer] are still in the House. Tricia thinks that Heidi & Spencer can win but Claire cannot believe it – she thinks the British public will let them in the final but not let them win.
Heidi and Spencer are in the Diary Room. They think the Housemates blame them for Gillian’s departure and say that they can feel the looks and anger from the Housemates. They conclude that they are now determined to win.