Celebrity Big Brother: Day 18


Day 18 in the Celebrity Big Brother house…

It’s another snowy day in the Big Brother house. Yesterday Spencer and Heidi took part in Big Brothers online show, Big Blogger. But, they didn’t know that this was all a hoax and their online chat with a super-fan was actually with their fellow housemates. This morning, Speidi are still the hot topic of conversation.

Tricia tells Rylan that he handled himself well last night. Rylan says that although he was angry he managed to control himself and ended up feeling “sorry” for the couple who constantly contradicted themselves. “God, if you’ve got to try and pick up where you left off,” he muses. Tricia mimics Heidi repeating what she told her last night: “We didn’t say anything bad about you, you got off lightly.” Claire disputes their claims and says that Heidi and Spencer said that the housemates were “all equally horrible, all equally fake.” They both agree to just “move on” from last nights upset. Claire adds: “At the end of the day they’re right, we’re not gonna be ringing them up for a chat.” Spencer walks through the living area with his cases and Tricia bids him good morning. Claire and Tricia exchange a bemused look.


Rylan is getting ready for his early morning shower. Claire is sitting in the bathroom. Rylan is wearing just his pants and before getting into the shower exclaims: “Stop looking at my penis Claire.” She giggles and tells him she wasn’t then hides her face in her hands. “It’s disguising, you’ve got a husband and two children,” he mocks before getting into the shower. He throws his pants out and tells Claire to stop looking as he slides the door open with one hand and shields his manhood with the other. “Stop looking Claire, you’ve got a husband and children,” he shouts as Claire laughs into her towel.

Spencer is in the living area and tells Heidi that the five days left “feels like nothing.” They mention how long three weeks sounded and Spencer tells her, “We have earned this experience. I haven’t worked this hard at something in years,” he stresses. Heidi tells him that the house has been “really challenging.” “You know who I’m gonna really respect now, minorities, whether religious, racial, what it’s like to be outnumbered, to have everyone against you.”

In the bathroom, Rylan continues to joke with Claire. “Stop looking at me, I’m gay, it’s never gonna happen, if you were H, I might think about it,” he shouts. Spencer continues in the living room and tells Heidi that the rest of the housemates are “lucky,” as their homes are “an hour away.” “I think we’re lucky our home is really far away,” corrects Heidi and Spencer thanks her. “I’m glad this isn’t our world,” she ends.


Housemates have been gathered in the living area for today’s task. Tricia has been called to the diary room. “They might be getting rid of me straight away,” she tells them. “You have been very horrible,” Rylan deadpans. Housemates become excited when the diary room appears on the screen as Tricia begins her Dilemma task. Big Brother explains that the housemates will be given the chance to win letters from home for all of her fellow housemates. Tricia ranks Claire first and is stunned when Big Brother then explains that the housemates have been ranked in the order in which their letters will be destroyed if one housemates their particular task. “Does that mean if we don’t do it, one of them won’t get their letter?” asks Heidi and Spencer confirms this. Tricia exits the diary room as Rylan tells the other housemates to try their “hardest.” Heidi whisper that this is their “favourite part,” “Where everyone freaks out,” Spencer ends.

The task continues and each housemate is ready to face a dilemma. “The good news is if you fail it doesn’t matter, you get to hug your family in four days,” he announces while Claire and Razor are in earshot. Claire’s letter will be the first one destroyed should one housemate fail the task.

Rylan is in the diary room, there is a box on the table in front of him. Big Brother announces asks him to define his look. “Don’t even say it, that is bang out of order, I know exactly what you want me to do,” he yells. His dilemma is to sacrifice at least 50 percent of his facial hair. He retrieves the shaver from the box adding, “It’s the final week, I’m gonna look like a woman.” He heads to the bathroom while explaining the dilemma to his fellow housemates. “I wouldn’t do that if I were him,” Heidi says. She tells Claire that she wouldn’t let her friend do that. Rylan starts shaving his beard and Claire joins Rylan in the bathroom and tells him he doesn’t need to do it. Rylan continues shaving then shouts: “I wouldn’t mind but where I’ve f***king tinted it, I’m still left with a line!”

Rylan returns to the diary room where Big Brother says they are satisfied with his effort.

Housemates are waiting to find out who will be next to face a dilemma. Speidi are called to the diary room and tell housemates, “It’s only a game.” Claire fights off her tears.

Spencer and Heidi decline their dilemma of a Restraining Order meaning they would have to spend time apart. “We’re not gonna take that I don’t care which housemate it is, none of their letters are worth not being with my husband,” states Heidi. They mock tears that it will be Claire’s letter that will be destroyed, “Great,” they beam. In the living area, Frankie tells Claire to be strong and reminds housemates that they are all in it together.

Speidi return to the house full of smiles and inform the housemates that they refused their dilemma. “You wouldn’t do that to us,” Tricia tells them. “Because we owe you so much,” Spencer quips as Rylan looks on in disbelief.

In the bedroom, Rylan is looking in the mirror adding, “I look like a f**king clown, big comedy beard,” he sighs.

Razor and Frankie are in the diary room for their dilemma. Frankie has to ride Razor like a horse whenever they walk around the house. This will win two letters to their fellow housemates. They agree to do the task and Big Brother asks, “Razor, is this the first time you have been mounted by a five foot four Italian?” the pair laughs and Frankie rides Razor out the diary room. He is dressed as a jockey while Razor is dressed as a horse. The housemates laugh and Rylan tells Frankie, “Can I just say for your benefit, thank fuck it wasn’t the other way round.”

Housemates are quizzing Spencer and Heidi about their dilemma. Heidi tells housemates that “it’s just a game.” The couple refuse to tell housemates their dilemma and Tricia guesses, “I bet it was something like stay apart from each other.” Spencer nods and smiles knowingly as Heidi says that she wouldn’t have done what Big Brother asked in her normal life. Spencer tells the group that Claire shouldn’t have come on the show if these things can happen. “It’s more than a game to Claire, she’s been missing her kids, we haven’t got kids so we’ll never understand that.” Spencer says why they would care about a letter to which Rylan replies that he wouldn’t “expect” him to care. Rylan says “I had a lot of time for you this week.” Spencer says he’s still waiting for Rylan not to talk to them.

The couple head to the bedroom and Rylan tells housemates that they should “f**k off home,” if they don’t want to be part of the house and know that people don’t like them.

Ryan is given his dilemma, he has to lose his identity and become Toadie the toad. Ryan must say ‘ribbit’ before he speaks and hop rather than walk and sit on a toadstool on the dining room table.

Heidi and Spencer are alone in the bedroom talking about Claire. “Mums with young kids should never do this show,” Spencer mumbles. “I wouldn’t,” agrees Heidi. Big Brother calls Claire to the diary room for her dilemma. She must walk up and down the staircase every time Big Brother plays the noise of screaming Steps fans into the house. Claire accepts.

Housemates have been trying to win letters from home for 3 hours and 32 minutes. Frankie rides Razor to the bathroom and Razor says: “I like doing this; I was an old horse that was forgotten about in the paddock.” Ryan follows, leaping to the bathroom; he falls over in the bathroom, him and Razor they laugh.

Big Brother gathers all the housemates on the sofa and reveals that all housemates successfully passed their dilemma apart from Speidi who refused. As a result six housemates will receive letters from home but as Claire was at the top of the list she will not receive her letter. Housemates boo and Heidi defiantly claps while looking at them. “Don’t clap, that’s rude,” Rylan tells her then Spencer starts clapping. “All she wanted was a letter from her kids,” Rylan continues as Razor tells the couple to stop clapping, “That’s heartless, she’s got kids,” he adds. “I didn’t pick the order actually,” Spencer remarks as Tricia mockingly holds her hands up.

Speidi begin to laugh then head into the bedroom.

Big Brother asks one housemates to collect the letters from the hatch and Razor complies. “F**king clapping, disgraceful,” he scolds. “Clapping in the face of a crying woman, disgraceful, a twenty-nine year old man!” Rylan yells.

The couple are listening to the aftermath from the bedroom and Heidi tells Spencer that he should have let her continue to clap. “They can do what they want and we can’t?” she adds. “It’s gonna be a fun five days,” Spencer adds.

The rest of the housemates all decide that none of them are having their letters if Claire cannot have her. Claire tells them that it’s “fine,” but starts to cry. Rylan shouts towards the bedroom: “Get out of the house, no one f**king wants you here.” Claire says that she knew she wasn’t getting her letter anyway.

Rylan and Razor are in the garden smoking they talk about Speidi and how disrespectful and disgusting they are. Claire is crying and Trisha consoles her. Razor says he’s lucky he didn’t lose his temper, “I’m glad I got my frustrations out the other day,” he adds.

Rylan is still angry and shouts from the garden: “I hope the British Public get the f**k rid of them.” “They won’t I’m afraid,” mumbles Spencer in response while hearing Rylan’s rant from the bedroom. “They kept us in, he didn’t even win x factor, as far as I’m concerned you’re an X Factor reject,” Heidi laughs. Rylan keeps shouting abuse at them, Spencer says no one wants you hear either, “get over yourself.”

In the living area Razor asks Ryan what he thinks. “They are pricks and they’re doing a fantastic job of it,” he responds. Claire tells housemates that “It’s not worth” getting angry with the situation, “It doesn’t matter.” Tricia posts Speidi’s letter under the bedroom door and they start to read it and seem happy.

Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas; “Oh s**t,” Heidi remarks. Big Brother announces that Spencer and Heidi must choose one housemate to read out their letter. They choose Tricia, “I can’t do it,” she says. All of the other housemates refuse to read Speidi’s letter. Big Brother asks each housemate if they would like their letters and they all say no. The housemates applaud each other.

Spencer and Heidi return to the bedroom and speculate about Rylan’s next “tantrum,” while mimicking his voice. “It’s so ironic that out of this whole task we’re the only ones who read our letter,” giggles Heidi and they both laugh.

Razor and Rylan are the garden. “I just can’t believe anyone can be so heartless,” Razor muses. “And this is coming from good Christian people,” Rylan quips adding, “It says a lot, practise what you f**king preach.”

Most of the housemates are in the living area. Spencer and Heidi are still in the bedroom. Rylan is still upset by earlier events adding, “I’m more shocked by her, all along I thought it was him leading her along.” Claire adds: “I don’t think she’s as innocent as she makes out.” “She dances like a lap dancer, are you taking the p**s,” quips Rylan. Ryan tells them, “Just think, after five days we don’t have to live with them anymore.”

Speidi are still camped out in the bedroom. They discuss the task and complain how housemates treated them. Tricia and Rylan enter the bedroom and start making Rylan’s bed. Rylan sprays deodorant all over his bed and they start shaking the bed sheet towards Spencer and Heidi. Heidi and Spencer whisper that it’s the “funniest thing” they’ve ever seen.

In the bedroom, Spencer has found some inner calm, doing some Tai Chi while wearing his face-mask treatment. Rylan and Razor are in the garden playing a prank on Tricia. They jump on the decking and a pile of snow falls onto Tricia’s head. “You little s**ts!” she yells and quickly throws a snowball at them.

Claire has come to the diary room. She is visibly upset and begins to cry. “It’s been quite emotionally draining today, for everyone,” she starts. Claire admits that she was aware that Heidi and Spencer wouldn’t do the task but was upset that they applauded her not receiving her letter. She mentions her children and explains that they would have been “excited” to be able to write to her. Having the letter “meant everything, just that little push to get me through the last five days,” she adds. Claire continues: “If anyone with any sense of decency, whether it’s your persona or not, would do such a thing. That’s callous.”