Ouch! Justin Bieber’s fans “self-harm” in protest thanks to a prank

When photos his the net of what was allegedly Justin Bieber smoking marijuana, his concerned fanbase decided to take action.It was TMZ who posted photos of J-Biebs at a party, “clutching a smouldering blunt” as they put it. Well whatever was in Justin’s hand, some of his fans were not happy, and they seemingly decided to take drastic action to make their idol see sense.

Some fans (not all of them, so don’t judge all of them) posted photos of themselves appearing to self-harm to Twitter, with the hashtag  #cutforbieber, which fast became one of the top trending topics worldwide. It is thought to have started as a cruel joke intended to mess with Beliebers, which fans saw before reportedly deciding to do it for real.

“The origins are fake, but the Tweet trending—and the people supporting it—are disturbingly real,” writes Complex.com.

Whether it was all a joke or fans did it for real, it is important to remember that self-harming is a very serious issue and a real problem for some people. It is important for anyone who self-harms to seek help. Click here for more info.