We’re loving the Harlem Shuffle web app


If, like us, you’re obsessed with watching Harlem Shake videos, then you’ll love Harlem Shuffle.

We recently compiled a list of our ten favourite Harlem Shake videos, and even since then we’ve found more that we love, with everyone from Google to Jedward to the Deal or No Deal people getting involved.

For those of you who don’t know about the Harlem Shake, or simply don’t “get it”, allow us to explain the bizarre phenomenon.

The videos typically start with one person, usually in costume, dancing in a room surrounded by normal people doing normal things, but when the music changes the scene descends into chaos, with wild dancing and weird costumes.

Harlem Shake videos are bouncing around the internet like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert. In fact, the trend is so popular that the net is flooded with Harlem Shake videos, so Harlem Shuffle have hand-picked the good, the bad and the ugly and put them all in one place.

They’re constantly updating Harlem Shuffle with new videos, so keep checking back for more.

Click here to visit the website, or here to install the web app on Google Chrome.