A romantic reunion for Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart?

Rumour has it Kristen Stewart is making romantic plans for when Robert Pattinson returns from shooting a movie in Australia.

“Kristen’s got a very special night planned for Rob when he gets back!” a source said, adding that Kristen wants to start off her romantic reunion with Rob by making a dramatic gesture.

“she wants to surprise him by waiting in the backseat of a limo at the airport. It’s rare for celeb couples to do that because it doubles the chances of a security issue. So he’ll be really surprised when he gets in that limo.

“Rob has a huge group of friends who are all dying to take him out, but Kristen’s told them to back off until she’s had some time alone

“Kristen told Rob she wants him all to herself in the first 24 hours he’s back. He’ll be jet-lagged of course, but she’s got a relaxing night planned with a bottle of wine, pizza, and the two of them. That’s all they both want.”